This site exists for the sole purpose of documenting the many  Documentaries which have been published to bring awareness to the general population. If the people world do not wake up soon it may be too late. Video’s, articles, and information will be researched, vetted, and posted here to save you time and to gather the various statistical information required to make you a more informed member of society.

On the right you will notice a few items provided for your education.
one is some daily news from the BitCoin community, and the nest is the running list of contributions made by SUPER PAC’s towarrd political funding. rediculous how much money these politicians pull in and then they are OWNED. The end result is the US taxpayer has no voice, corporations become people and have voting rights, politicians become accountable to those who fund their existence, not to the Amercian people as they should be….


The Elite of this world are looking to make the Sheeple their own. Much the same as it was in Nazi Germany. That was one attempt by the elite as you will learn in the following video.


A site to be informed by…..